New Term starts April 27th 2017

This is just a quick post to say that the new term will be starting on the 27th of April at Bristol Grammar School.  It’s just going to be Thursdays this term and if you want to come along either send an email to  The cost for the term is £62 and that still includes a choice of models so there’s always something interesting to draw

Starting again in January, Life Drawing at Bristol Grammar School and the Brunel Field Building


Yes, it’s that time of year again. After our Summer break the classes will be starting again on the 14th and 17th of September. The cost is £60 which includes a really great choice of models. For example on Thursdays we usually had 6 each week and never less than 5 whereas on Mondays the choice is always 3-4. You get a length of time that suits you, more chance of finding a model that you want to draw. This also means that if one model is sick the class doesn’t get cancelled, or worse you don’t have to draw me. There’s tuition if you need it. Lots of space to park your car if you’re coming in from out of town.  What are you waiting for? Phone 0117-9396584 for more details or email

Well done Leanne.

I’ve just had a nice email from Helen Hagger who attended the classes last year with her daughter Leanne. I often have students that attend en route to an interview for college and need some figure drawings in their portfolios and it’s heartening to know that it’s still considered important. Good luck with the course at Cambridge Leanne!

Happy New Year!


Well, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. There are just a few spaces left on the 2015 January term so it’s time to get your skates on. The cost is only £60 for ten weeks with a choice of 5 models each time that you come along. For more details email

Time to get back to some proper life drawing! The new term is fast approaching.


Well, it’s been a long break but the good news is that the life drawing classes at Bristol Grammar school and Brunel field will be starting up on the 15th and 18th of September and as always to book a place all that you need to do is email or phone 0117-9396584. Don’t miss your chance! The cost if only £60 for ten weeks

P.S. For more work by illustrator Ronald Searle you can visit Matt Jones’ tribute blog here

Life Drawing A la carte

Plenty of life drawing classes provide refreshments in the coffee break but surely nothing has ever been attempted on the scale of this 1959 newsreel, a restaurant where you can pay for the food with your sketches!  After 55 years and no sign of masses of foodie life class establishments on the high street I assume that the idea didn’t catch on but then I can’t imagine Tommy Yeardye the restaurant owner being too worried.  Later in his career he ran Vidal Sassoon’s hair products company and was subsequently President of Jimmy Choo’s shoes (Tamara Mellon was his daughter).  Tommy had Hollywood connections too, having been a stunt man which may explain why his class seems to be full of glamourous actressy types. According to his obituary in the Daily Mail.

“Tommy was cutting a swathe through West End clubland in the 1950’s becoming the escort of pinups Diana Dors and Sabrina, two actresses as famous for their glamour and noted embonpoint as their movie roles. As a stuntman he was known as “Muscles”- Tommy was introduced to Diana through his friendship with Victor Mature, who starred with Miss Dors in The Long Haul.


Mr Heatherley’s Holiday



hatherleysA portrait of Richard Heatherley, of Heatherley’s drawing academy from 1874 by Samual Butler, more commonly known as the author of “The Way of All Flesh”

The skeleton in the picture, surrounded by the the plaster casts and other studio paraphernalia was”always getting knocked about and no wonder, the students used to dress it up and dance with it— Mr Heatherley never went away on holiday; he employed the time at home repairing the skeleton’ ( H. Jones, Samuel Butler ” 1919)

New Term starts next Week/BS9 Arts Trail


Heads up everyone, the new term at Bristol Grammar School and Brunel Field will be starting next week. If you are one of our lovely regulars you don’t need to do anything other than turn up, if you’re interested in coming along and £60 for ten weeks with optional tuition, choice of at least four models and somewhere to park your car if you so wish sounds good all you have to do is email our easy peasy no frills booking department at

It’s nice to welcome the BS9 arts trail too and a pleasure to say that a sizeable contingent from the group will be exhibiting. Neil Murison, Magda Goss, Jon Kinkead, Richard Young, Paul Tomlinson, David Northcott and William Stevens will have work at the show. For more information click here



The new term will be starting at Brunel Field on the 28th of April and Bristol Grammar school on the 1st of May.  The cost will be £60 for ten weeks and as before you’ll need to email for more details. Last term was our most popular ever so get in touch soon to avoid disappointment!

Show and Tell


“The Owl” William Stevens 2014 Ipad painting

Our latest show at the Grant Bradley Gallery will be opening next month.  “Show and Tell” is a smaller affair than our last two shows and includes work by Peri Taylor, Dave Northcott, Christine Saville, Akhil Kommadath, Chris Hibbard, Donna Best and William Stevens. I will try and post some more artwork by these artists in the coming days. Private viewing is on Friday 7th March at 6pm, hope you can make it.