Plenty of life drawing classes provide refreshments in the coffee break but surely nothing has ever been attempted on the scale of this 1959 newsreel, a restaurant where you can pay for the food with your sketches!  After 55 years and no sign of masses of foodie life class establishments on the high street I assume that the idea didn’t catch on but then I can’t imagine Tommy Yeardye the restaurant owner being too worried.  Later in his career he ran Vidal Sassoon’s hair products company and was subsequently President of Jimmy Choo’s shoes (Tamara Mellon was his daughter).  Tommy had Hollywood connections too, having been a stunt man which may explain why his class seems to be full of glamourous actressy types. According to his obituary in the Daily Mail.

“Tommy was cutting a swathe through West End clubland in the 1950’s becoming the escort of pinups Diana Dors and Sabrina, two actresses as famous for their glamour and noted embonpoint as their movie roles. As a stuntman he was known as “Muscles”- Tommy was introduced to Diana through his friendship with Victor Mature, who starred with Miss Dors in The Long Haul.