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Once again past and present members of Bristol Lifedrawing will be taking over the Grant Bradley gallery.  This time it’ll be for the month of August with 37 different artist’s to choose from and there will be prizes for the exhibitors courtesy of Nick, at Bristol Fine Art and ColArt, maker of, amongst other things Liquitex and Winsor and Newton paints.

As a little something extra we were provided with a giant box of the new Liquitex Professional Paint Marker pens. The pens come in a range of 50 colours and contain light fast acrylic paint as opposed to ink so you can build the paint up just as if you were doing a regular painting.

I’ve been talking about this for months now but there is nothing like the arrival of an actual physical product, in this case a giant box of the pens in fresh wrapping to get people feeling like kids at Christmas and as you can see from the photos below everyone got to work producing great stuff in double quick time.

The actual show at the Grant Bradley is entitled in Living Colour and you can find out more by clicking here

For a chance to look at work by the exhibitIng artists and for regular updates click here