Once again it’s been my pleasure to be asked by the Grant Bradley gallery in Bedminster to put together a show for them. (Some of you may remember “Out of the Life Room” from last May)  This show, entitled Cornucopia will feature the work of 30 different artists that have had some connection with the life drawing class over the years and what I’ll be aiming to do over the next few days is highlight some of their work in this blog. I felt it was important with this show to move beyond showing purely life drawing related work so although my selection this time still consists of a lot of figurative work there will be landscapes, abstact work and assemblages also

If you’re reading this, and you live close by I really hope you’ll be able to pop in and have a look.  The Private viewing will be on the 8th of February. If you’re a member of the group past or present and would like to be included in future exhibitions please get in touch.


“Bristol Docker”  Dan Bendel

Today’s humourous offering is from Dan Bendel, who comes along to the Monday evening group at Brunel Field. As well as life drawing Dan is a talented carver and cartoonist. You can see examples of his work at www.danbendel.com and find out about his wood working courses by visiting http://woodcarvingwithdan.blogspot.com