Of course as you get older you expect time to pass more and more quickly but………. that must’ve been the quickest Summer on record.  Anyway, the new term is about to start and as always there are two options. On Mondays I will be running my class at the Brunel Field building in Horfield and on Thursday evenings I will be running my long standing class at Bristol Grammar school.  This year it’s the Thursday class that starts first on the 13th and the Monday class will start the following week on the 17th. Both are from 7 until 9pm and cost £58 for ten weeks

So, if you are a class regular, back from a swanky holiday somewhere and are wanting to know when everything kicks off again I hope that was the piece of information that you needed. If you are new to this site and are wondering if it’s too late to book a place just email willstevens@lifedrawingclasses.co.uk  asap and you may well be suprised at what you find out

Image:Jo, by Will Stevens