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If you’re in Bedminster over the next 3 weeks try and pop in to the Grant Bradley Gallery for the 15th anniversary exhibition of the Bristol Life Drawing Group. There’s a chance to see and buy work by group members John Kinkade, David Gamble, Magda Goss, John Leggatt, Peri Taylor, Penny Tristram, Dave Cropley, Brian Fowler, Chris Hibbard, Alan Backwell and myself.

Those of you with long memories may remember “The Human Form” exhibition which was held at the Centrespace gallery off Corn St in 2006. “Out of the Life Room” is a much smaller show, which is a pity as I don’t enjoy deciding who goes in and who goes out, (I’d much rather stick everyone in) but as the GB took care of all the admin, hanging and invigilating it was impossible to pass up really, as this made the whole thing so much simpler. Hopefully it won’t be 6 years before we have another show.

I’ll be posting some more stuff about it in the weeks ahead but for the time being I hope you enjoy these images by myself, David Gamble, Dave Cropley, Penny Tristram and John Leggatt