A know a lot of regular group members like to check in at this time of year to make sure the class is running so this is for you, and indeed anyone else who might be interested. Well, here we are again,and a new term is about to begin. If you’re in the North Bristol area or only available on Mondays the life drawing class at Brunel Field will be starting on the 12th September at 7pm.  Brunel Field is a new building, (it was only opened in January) located in the grounds of the City of Bristol College on Ashley Down Rd.  The regular Bristol Grammar school class which runs on Thursdays will begin again on the 15th September at 7pm.  The cost is £56 for ten sessions and if you’d like to come along you can either phone me on 0117-9396584 or email willstevens@lifedrawingclasses.co.uk. Because I’ve now got two classes running I can allow a certain amount of movement from one class to another so, for example, if you couldn’t make it on a Thursday as long as you email me to warn me you can come on a Monday and vice versa. You could even come to two in one week if you’d missed a previous one.  You would need to let me know in advance if you wanted to do it and I wouldn’t be able to let you carry sessions over to the next term but I hope that if you’re a shift worker, for example then this will help you to get more out of the class. Look forward to seeing you all soon.