If you’re reading this with a view to doing some life drawing over the coming months you have two options. Over the Summer (This is option 1 by the way) I will be running my usual set of sessions up at the church of St Gregory the Great in Horfield. These will be taking place on the following Thursdays from 7 until 9pm July 21 and 28 August 4 18 and 25. The cost of these sessions will be £7.50 but these will need to be paid in advance. I cannot guarantee you a place if you turn up without checking beforehand and preferably I would ask that if you want to come to several of these then you pay as a block. (2 for £15 4 for £30 etc etc)
Alternatively you could join again in September. The days and times are the same as before. You can pop across to www.lifedrawingclasses.co.uk for more info