As I haven’t updated this blog for quite a few months now I thought it was time that I gave you a chance to look at a small sample of what’s been going on this term.  If you attend these classes it’s not compulsory to show your work on this blog.  I like to think of the class as being a place where you are really free to turn up and do your own thing without fear of being judged.  Having said that I know that people do enjoy looking at what other people have done so it’s really nice to be able to do this, from time to time.  The following drawings are by Alan Backwell, Huw Morgan, David Gamble and Roger Curtis.  Huw and David did particularly well last term.  They both got some things into the RWA Open exhibition.  Thanks to these four gentlemen for letting me photograph their work.

There are, incidently three weeks left of this term (we finish, ahem, on April 1st) If you’d like to come along next term now would be a good time to get in touch.