Beginners can be very shy at life drawing classes and it’s not unusual to hear them apologising either directly to the model or via the tutor for not having done them sufficient justice. In my experience most models see it as part of the job, along with keeping still to be polite about people’s life drawings no matter how ugly or beautiful they may feel they’ve been made to look, which is why I found this clip of “footballing legend”David Ginola so funny. It’s from a  Sky satelite T.V. show over here called “Nude Britain” which is just the sort of show that although  pretending to be “informative” or “investigative” is really just the modern day equivalent of those old nudist camp “documentaries” from the 1960’s.   I can’t help thinking that the idea of having a footballer pose nude for a life drawing session has arrived tragically too late and would have loved to have seen what the painter here would have made of two real footballing icons. Ladies and gentlemen.(drumroll ) Saint and Greavsie!  Anyway, if you’ve ever been unlucky enough to draw a model as opinionated as David Ginola in this clip who at one point looks as if he’s about to strangle the artist, well, you have all my sympathy.