matt jones 2

Matt Jones, a group member for the last two terms and also a storyboard artist at Aardman animations left a whole load of his drawings behind tonight. If you’re reading this Matt don’t worry as they are safe and sound.  Unfortunately he didn’t leave his original Mr Magoo cel set-up from UPA studios in the 1950s that was recently given to him by illustrator Ronald Searle.   As a short sighted person Mr Magoo is something of a role model of mine although I haven’t quite got to the stage of talking to fire hydrants.  At least not when I’m sober. You can read the full story on his blog but basically in between his Aardman duties he’s been co running a fantastic blog about Mr Searle and has actually got to meet him several times.  Ronald Searle has long been a fave of mine.  He was probably at his busiest during the fifties and sixties when he illustrated countless books such as the Molesworth stories (“hullo clouds hullo sky etc”) and the St Trinians story although I’m really only just scratching the surface.

Anyway thanks to Matt I have a whole crew of Aardman types coming down every Thursday evening (10!)  who are working down on the life drawing as a preparation of the new Aardman project  “Arthur Christmas”.  These guys are fast workers and you can certainly learn a lot from looking at their speedy drawings.  I particularly enjoy looking at the studies that Matt does of some of the people in the class drawing the models.

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