Lisa (who is new to the group having arrived from British Columbia) was asking me the best way to ask to see people’s life drawings. She’d been trying to have a quiet look but people had been clasping their sketchbooks to their chests so she couldn’t see.  Being a polite sort and not particularly keen to provoke an international incident she asked my advice.

Well, I find as a man that if somebody (A woman say) where to approach me by telling me what fantastic drawings I’ve been doing all evening but  could she perhaps have a closer look I’d find it very hard to refuse particularly if she was fluttering her eyelashes at the same time.  If she then went on to wonder out aloud if she could ever draw as well as me then how could I possibly refuse. Saying how talented I am several times usually works quite well too.  She would also need to say how talented I was.

What can I say?! It works for me. I hope that’s helpful for any foreigners reading this who need any practical help dealing with English people.  Any more questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask…..