I’ve been a bit slack at putting up new stuff by group members lately so my new years resoloution is to try and do better. These are from last nights’ session at Bristol Grammar school

From time to time  I receive emails from people who would like to come along and do a bit of figure drawing but are a little worried because having had a look at some of the images they aren’t sure if they’re going to be of a”high enough standard.”  This may not be a structured life drawing course but if you hit the skids I’m there to help if you ask and this really is a truly mixed ability group with people of all levels who just happen to enjoy drawing people.  If you are somebody who happens to be a beginner try not to be put off by any negative feelings you may have about what you see as  your own lack of ability. Most importantly because if you want to improve at life drawing the one thing that really helps is to come along and just do it.  It’s the activity itself that is important. The knowledge that once a week you’ll be doing something that’s creative and fast paced and strangely relaxing at the same time. No matter how bad you are you’ll never improve unless you do it but also ( and I say this with my hand on my heart) everyone is so busy doing their own thing that you will never need to be worried about being bothered. People also have good and bad days. (I would say that in a terms’ life drawing if you looked back and  wanted to keep all of your life drawings you would have done unusually well.  It’s also important to experiment and try different styles and approaches every once in a while so not everything you do should be seen as a finished masterpiece.  I try and pick in a fairly ad hoc way a tiny number of drawings that grab my eye that I think other people may enjoy looking at but I always try and respect peoples space and pick out a tiny number of drawings each time.  I remember life drawing classes that I used to go to where there would be “group crits” at the end which can be absoloutely terrible for all concerned so rest assured this is nothing like one of those classes!  Anyway, I hope you like these pictures by Choon Bing, John Leggatt, Jenny Naidoo and Simon Boddy.