As an Iggy Pop fan it’s hard to sayif I’m more disappointed by those insurance ads or the above picture of the man at home with one of his paintings. Now there’s nothing wrong with people having a hobby, even if you’re the “Godfather of Punk”. Bill Wyman has his metal detector, Rod Stewart, I believe even plays with toy trains but when a rock musician picks up a paintbrush inevitably someone sees a business opportunity and decides to organise an exhibition or produce a limited edition of prints as in the case of Bob Dylan and then some well meaning but dumb journalist will then write about it, as in this Guardian piece. Anyway, on the strength of the above piece and others like it, I presume, the Ig has been featured on a Sky Arts documentary Art Rocks and had an exhibition in the C-Pop gallery in Detroit. (Check out the private viewing pics)

Sigh, I know I shouldn’t take it to heart but a man of his pedigree could have done a bit better I would have hoped. As it is he makes Ron Wood look like John Singer Sargent!
This is pretty good however.