Mark Watkin (see previous post) was talking to me about the recent traffic stopping concert in Bristol by ageing rocker and Ally Mcbeal supporting actor Jon Bon Jovi. Apparently it cost over £50! “…..and your class costs only £49 Will”. If you’re a big fan of what used to be called poodle rock I guess £50 is a snip, but then you wouldn’t get to see Jon Bon Jovi without his clothes on either. Anyway, I like the comparison, even if it is a little obscure
Next term will be starting again in September, whether you’re a Jon Bon Jovi fan or not so as always if you’d like to come along read the About page on this web site then email If you’re interested in doing some life drawing over the Summer months I will be running a slimmed down class on Thursdays from 7 until 9p.m. starting on the31st of July at St Gregory’s church in Monk’s Park .  The cost will be £6 per session payable in advance for the sessions that you know in advance that you can do. So, for example, if you’d like to come but happen to be away for two of those weeks you just pay £24. Let me know if you happen to be interested. (It was pretty good last year)


Incidently, these drawings were contributed a while by artist and Jon Bon Jovi fan Jean Bunting who had a great time at the recent Ashton Court gig.  I’ve had these for ages and only got around to doing something about it Jean.  A thousand apologies.