Here’s something from this Saturday’s Guardian that you may find interesting.  It shows a view of Paula Rego’s studio with a partly completed painting side by side with a series of home made lay figures.  As I hope you can see in the photograph the painting is based on the arrangement of figures. According to the article they are made from plastic medical skeletons overlaid with cotton wool and stocking material.  In the light of some of my previous posts on Paula Rego and Lay Figures I thought it would be interesting for some of you to see.

“One of the walls has wardrobes full of things to dress my props and models, along with props from other pictures, huge stuffed spiders and monkeys and all sorts.  One box just has wigs in it.  It is like in a theatre.  The case has an accordian in it that was used in another picture; everything is used in different forms at different times.”

You can read more about this on the Guardian newspaper’s website

Apologies in advance to (I assume)non-Portuguese or Spanish speakers because you’re not going to understand a single word of what’s being spoken here! This video clip is worth watching though as it contains some nice images of Paula Rego paintings at an exhibition and some of the figures that she includes in the the paintings, as well as seeing her nattering away in a foreign tongue.