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 When I first moved into Bristol in the late 1980’s it was great to discover the life drawing class that Sophie Howard used to run at St Werburgh’s community centre.  It used to be run on a drop-in basis and cost something like £2.50 a session but it was really important to me socially and artistically ( I didn’t really know that many people in Bristol at the time it was a chance to practise my figure drawing but it also meant I had a chance to get out on a Friday night and socialise at the same time.)  When I look back I have many fond memories of  the drawings and good times from that period.  Because I happen to run a life drawing class myself I’m well aware that sometimes people haven’t got a lot of money to spend on drawing but I hope the class is cheap enough to encourage people who would otherwise struggle or have to practise working from photo’s or whatever rather than life.  The logistic’s of running a class have become a lot more complicated, but there you go.

I hope you like the paintings by David Gamble.  David was knocked down by a car in a bad accident in the centre of Broadmead towards the end of last term but seems to be making a recovery which I’m very happy about, although I believe he still has some difficulties with his arm.  I love the paintings, the colours on the skull are really well-observed and the self portrait’s really fab as well.  Hurry up and get a website organised David, you’re really talented!