I had a funny phone call from someone in the class who wanted to know if next week’s class was the last one of the winter term. (This was back in early December) They’d been driving in from Portishead the previous week and given up because there was a bad traffic jam.  This was three weeks after the class had actually finished! This is one of the occupational hazards of running classes in ten week blocks, we actually finish a bit earlier before Christmas than the other classes. It does mean we avoid the traffic caused by the late night Christmas shoppers however, which in Bristol can be considerable.  Anyway, apologies if you may have been away for a few weeks and turned up to find we’d all gone but the good news is, as always, we will be back  (contact for more details). If you’re new to this website have a look at this page to find out a little bit more about how it all works.

By the way I borrowed this image from a Saturday Telegraph from a few weeks ago.  It shows Peter Blake, pop artist, as a student at a life drawing class at Gravesend in 1950. It’s quite an austere image but sweet as well. American readers may not know that we had something over here called “rationing” which lasted from the Second World War up to 1976, or something ,I forget, anyway, I’m sure the lad who’s slouching in the back would be wearing Marilyn Manson Goth Rock gear if this photo was taken today.  Also, well done young lady at the back for measuring with her pencil!