Well, it’s been a busy term. As well as running the usual classes I’ve been running another blog and website (see links) and haven’t really had the time to post as much work as I would have liked.  I’m very happy therefore to be able to include some stone carvings by Emma Maiden who has been coming to the class this term.  I don’t have any life drawings (as yet) by Emma to show you but as part of the idea behind this blog is to show the range of things that people get up to outside of class time I thought that I’d post them anyway. I’ll try and add some more contact details later.

_dsc9277.jpg    _dsc9289.jpg   _dsc9296.jpg  _dsc9300.jpg  _dsc9313.jpg   _dsc9311.jpg

_dsc9308.jpg   emma-maiden-life-drawing-image.jpg