I’ve decided to make this a mass round up of images from this term’s life drawing class, a term that is now drawing to a close.(Two more weeks to go, but all being well we should be back in January) Images seven and nine by John Kincade and David Jones are of Suzanne, one of the models in a fifteen minute pose(!) but from different angles. Interesting to see their different sensibilities at work here. I’m also pleased that John’s been able to do a whole sequence of drawings where two of the models have been placed side by side.  I’m always hoping that where the models are together people might be inspired to do more complicated drawings than normal, but of course you’d need to be a fast worker!

lewis-prosser-life-drawing-bristol-image-1.jpg    john-kincade-bristol-life-drawing-image-2.jpg     chris-cutts-life-drawing-image-1.jpg     ian-price-bristol-life-drawing-image.jpg   jitka-palmer-life-drawing-sketch-book.jpg   john-kincade-bristol-life-drawing-image-1.jpg      john-kincade-bristol-life-drawing-image-3.jpg  david-jones-life-drawing-1.jpg   david-jones-life-drawing-2.jpg

life-drawing-by-marcel-o-leary.jpg    life-drawing-by-richard-southall.jpg    richard-southall-life-drawing.jpg  selwyn-phillips-life-drawing.jpg 


From Top left : Lewis Prosser, John Kincade, Chris Cutts, Ian Price, Jitka Palmer’s sketchbook, John Kincade, John Kincade, David Jones, David Jones, Marcel O’ Leary, Richard Southall, Richard Southall, Selwyn Phillips and Selwyn Phillips.