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Well I’ve been running this Bristol Life Drawing  blog since May and I’m amazed at the number of hits that it’s generated. One of the interesting things about running a blog is the stats page where you can see a breakdown of all the people who’ve visited and what search terms they’ve used.  Aside from some fairly obvious ones “Excuses for 3d work” was probably a typo but good nonetheless and  “I hate life drawing” made me laugh a little, but how could I possibly endorse those sentiments?”Someone being nice drawing.gif” is a bit confusing. “Love drawing” was great.  If you’re the guy who was looking for a life drawing class in Kentucky  I wish you well and  hope you found one a little closer to home.  Anyway, genuine thanks to anybody who pops in to read this and do leave a comment even if it’s just to say hi, but not if you want to advertise Viagra. I’ve had about 600 of those already, according to my spam filter and I don’t want any.

 I’m hoping to post some stuff by new members fairly soon but if you’re reading this and have attended the Bristol Grammar school life drawing class on previous sessions or have posted some stuff previously I’m happy to put some more up.  WordPress allow you something like 50mb which doesn’t sound like a lot but I’ve only used about 28% of my allowance so far.  I wish I was this good at packing suitcases.

In the meantime Frankie Webb has been good enough to send me some. Do check out her website, it’s really good.  I’ve also made a slideshow of her work on Flickr.