It’s nice to be able to put some more life drawings up by Peri Taylor.  She’s been coming to the class for a long time and was good enough to be one of the first people to donate some life drawings for this project. Because this is a blog of course, and because blogs get updated from time to time ( Although I must admit I’ve been slacking a bit in that department recently) her work is not as visible as it was so it’s good to be able to put some more recent life drawings up and update things a little.

peri-bristol-life-drawing-class-2.jpg   peri-bristol-life-drawing-class-3.jpg  peri-bristol-life-drawing-class-4.jpg  peri-bristol-life-drawing-class-5.jpg

This is a selection of stuff that she’s been doing this term.  I really like the ethereal, dream like atmosphere that she’s been able to create in these mixed media pieces.

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