stan-life-drawing.jpg    marion-life-drawing.jpg   stan-life-drawing-2.jpg 

  life-class.jpg                                   stan-life-drawing-3.jpg

bill-moore-life-drawing.jpg  biscuits.jpg   colin-wise-life-drawing.jpg 

Well, I’ll be back at Bristol Grammar School next week so it’s a temporary farewell to the Horfield space we’ve been using for the last few weeks.  I’m already missing having my own door key, not having such a long drive to get there on Thursday nights and  not having to worry about security codes but it’ll be nice to see some of the regulars again.  It’s also been a good chance to experiment with some different lighting set-ups.  Anyway this is a small selection of photos from the last two weeks of that particular class. Starting from the top left we have drawings by Stan Szulejewski, Marion Gardener, Stan Szulejewski , Stan again, Colin Wise, refreshments courtesy of M+S!, another drawing by Bill Moore and a photo of the group.

Incidently, I’d be curious to know if anyone would be interested in a portrait class in the Bristol area  It’s something I’d like to do a little more of in the regular class this term but there may be scope for doing something on a seperate day or evening also.