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When I first started this blog Jitka Palmer was somebody whose work I was very keen to include.  She was one of the very first people who came along when I first started the life drawing class at Bristol Grammar School,  when I nearly gave myself repetitive strain injury carrying a heavy portfolio up and down University rd in Clifton.(Will Stevens:The Brit Pop Years). She was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia and grew up in Brno, Moravia where she trained and qualified as a doctor of medicine. She also taught anatomy at Masaryk University before moving to London in 1984 . 

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 Her work has always seemed very expressionistic in the truest sense of the word, not just in it’s use of colour and style of drawing but in it’s use of folklore as a subject matter. Some of the pictures use  the music of the Czech composer Leos Janacek for inspiration. I also like the dry, somewhat mordant sense of humour present in her work.  For me her most striking pieces are her painted pots where she combines drawing and painting with pottery. One example is her lifeclass bowl where the interior is decorated with one panoramic scene depicting the evening life drawing class. Because there are three different models in different parts of a very large room you do get these very interesting views looking across and around from one area to another. There’s also another scene on the outside of the pot. As a painter it makes painting on a single flat surface seem very dull and uninspired. The colours look terrific incidently. If you visit her website you’ll find a lot to look at. Like Magda Goss and John Leggatt if you live in Bristol you’ll be able to see her work in the annual North Bristol Arts trails

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