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Here are some life drawings and paintings by Chris Hibbard….

“First a word about life drawing at Bristol Grammar School, in my experience, which is extensive, this life drawing session is excellent in it’s scope. I have not encountered a life drawing session that offers such a range of poses, and number of models. Also I like it’s democracy.
I attach 3 pictures drawn recently, all A4 size.  I also attach an oil painting and a photopolymer etching landscape.
About myself – I was born in Bristol 1944, and studied painting at Bath Academy of Art. I taught in Bristol for many years, and like many people in the teaching situation did very little of my own work, however I have always drawn. It is an activity which I have enjoyed  since childhood. I am never bored when I draw,  and I am easily bored. I always have a range of sketchbooks in use, from small to large. I also make etchings, as, to me, it’s
a way of extending drawing
To quote Sickert ” Drawing’s the thing”.

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