The life drawing classes will be starting again at the end of April/beginning of May 2008 so if you’re interested get in touch.  You can find some more information about the class by visiting the “about” page of this website We’ll be carrying on for ten weeks after which we will relocate to Hofield for the Summer before returning to our normal Bristol Grammar school venue. It’s something that I’ve run for the last couple of years now and has been suprisingly popular.  We had a good class last night but because term has finished and the kids have gone home the caterers had emptied the coffee machine.  Oh how I hate it when that happens. Cue emergency rush to Sainsbury’s on Clifton Triangle for liquid refreshments as it was a very warm evening.   Anyway Magda Goss was there.  Magda has exhibited her paintings  with John Leggatt in some of the North Bristol Art Trails over the years and here are some of her life drawings.

   magda-life-drawing-4.jpg   magda-life-drawing-2.gif