As well as being a professional artist Richard Young is also a scientist with a phd in Physics and works at Bristol University. He does well to drive to the class from, I believe,  Frenchay in Bristol, fighting his way through Bristol’s rush hour traffic. Then, at the end of the evening he drives back to his home in Bath.  Here are some paintings and drawings and a brief statement about his work

assasins.jpg     debra-life-study1.jpg 

“Assasins” and “Contemplation”

“I enjoy colour and making marks. My drawings and watercolour paintings are explorations of how the paint or pencil interact
with the paper. Indeed, I started using interesting papers since I was at University and the majority of my work on paper is on either Arches hot pressed or Fabriano Artistico hot pressed. For me, my more interesting images are those that are cerebral and require some interpretation on the part of the viewer. Certainly, my exhibition pieces are like that. I guess that I am primarily a figurative artist, I enjoy drawing and painting the figure.
My influences are diverse – music, the figure, dance, the sea, the desert.”

 hullavington-watercolour-and-pastel-1995.jpg  “Hullavington” watercolour and pastel 1995

“The early artistic influences are JMW Turner John Constable and Richard Parkes-Bonington who form the classic roots to my paintings. The handling of the images are influenced by the New York Expressionists such as Rothko, De Kooning, Pollock and Rauschenberg. The handling of the figurative works are influenced by Larry Rivers, Jim Dine, Kitaj and Euan Uglow with Sutherland and Hockney influencing colour choice and narrative.
Australian artists such as Sydney Nolan and Tom Phillips, quite different but nonetheless, a remaining interest of my times in Australia, a country I regard as my home. More recently, I have become more interested in the work of Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo and Di Vinci of course plus a special fascination for Vermeer.”

life-drawing-debra.jpg    lou-life-drawing.jpg 

Two studies of Debra and Lou, two of the models at the class.

Visit Richards website, . It’s really good.