Albert Herring Tryptych

Albert Herring Tryptych 

Caroline Watson’s paintings are interesting because even though much of her work is painted from imagination she still finds the information that she can get from life drawing helpful to her. “This is the third term that I have attended Will’s life class. At first I was a bit rusty having not done much since leaving Art college, but regular drawing definately leads to improvement. I graduated from UWE in 1997 with  a BA(hons) degree in Fine Art and have been painting ever since, subsidising my work with various part time jobs. I exhibit regularly, mainly in the Southwest and have been lucky enough to win a couple of prizes, the award for painting at the RWA Autumn show in 2005 and First prize in the Black Swan open in 2002 . The  paintings shown here were painted in 2006 and 2007. An interest in myth,  folklore and human nature  underlies my work and I have a preference for exressionist painters. When studying for my A levels I watched Robert Hughes’s  series ‘The Shock of the New’ which introduced me to early 20th Century art and I was hooked.”

21.jpg Networkers Web life-drawing-2.gif             

Firework Girl, Networkers Web and Life Drawing

 ” It was Picasso first and then I came across the work of Max Beckmann, who is probably the single biggest influence on my work.  Other favourites include Georges Roualt,  Mark Chagall,  John Bellany, Sonja Lawson and Sidney Nolan. It is quite hard to say why I like these artist,s as their work is beyond words, not merely a visual description of what’s on the outside, but something that grabs you and speaks to your inner soul.            

Hide and Seek life drawing  Hide and Seek and Life drawing

 At present one of the projects I’m working on is a set of paintings entitled ‘Firework Folk’ which I will be showing at Room 212 on the Gloucester Rd, next June. When I paint I’m influenced by my suroundings and the seasons and every Autumn I’m moved to paint a Halloween or Bonfire  picture. The painting of Firework Girl last November inspired this latest project of firework/human hybrids.  The life drawing class , helps to sharpen my visual memory, but I also do it because I find it thoroughly  enjoyable. You provide an excellent selection of models and I am free to work at my own pace, which is just what I need. For further information my web address is  

  Hurday Gurdy  10 minute life drawing   sea hag  mrsizzle-figure-painting.gif Hurdy Gurdy, Ten Minute life drawing SeaHag water witch and Mr Sizzle