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Pero’s bridge , Nude 1 and Nude 2 by Laura Cramer

I grew up on an unspoilt beach in southern Ireland. In 1987 craving adventure, I moved to Denmark. There I studied Russian (through Danish) at the Slavic Institute of Copenhagen. In the 1991 I travelled to the Soviet Union when the hopes of a new Russia were emerging. In three years and two coup d’etat, I developed a passion for painting.During that time I had the good fortune to apprentice with three prominent artists in Moscow. Yuri Kononyenko’s ethereal work using water based paints on paper gave me my foundation in texture and experience of the human form. Evgeny Lanceray’s aristocratic charm rounded my perception of Russia with a refined classic approach to visual art. Finally Yuri Koval’s streetwise character unleashed a love of the cityscape (semi abstract, oil on canvass) which dominates my work today. I used to be sent out into the snowy streets of Moscow to sketch. As a writer and painter, Koval made me appreciate the poetic impact of the sky. My ears still ring with his persistent instruction to “paint what I saw, and a little bit more…..”Laura now lives in Bristol with her husband and two children. Her long term goal is to capture corners of the UK that are meaningful to people.Commissions welcome however large or small.e-mail Laura at or 0117 3706160