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Hello and welcome to the Bristol Life Drawing blog. The cost of each group is £62 for a full ten weeks, which is payable in full on the first evening and includes the cost of the models and informal tuition if required. We meet termly on Thursday nights from 7pm until 9pm at Bristol Grammar School behind Clifton Triangle.

Do you like a good choice of models? Each class aims to have at least 4 each week. No more boring views or class cancellations because the model couldn’t make it.

Does it matter if I’m a beginner? All levels of ability are welcome to the class. Over the 16 years that it’s been running this has included hobbyists sixth formers, college graduates, Aardman animators and members of the RWA. Whatever your level of ability you will be trated with respect.

Is this a structured class? No, which means that if you want to come along  and not be bothered while you draw you won’t have any problems.  Informal tuition is available on request but if you are a total beginner you might want to consider this

Are Easels provided? Once again no due to lack of storage space but drawing boards are and there are plenty of chairs and tables, Paper is available for sale and you can borrow basic equipment.

Is there parking? Plentiful parking is available.

To find out more email willstevens@lifedrawingclasses.co.uk or phone 0117-9396584 For anybody who likes that sort of thing please feel free to check out the blog which contains up to date announcements about the class, examples of life drawings by group members and other art/figurative drawing related stuff.

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Images by Will Stevens. click on the thumbnails to see larger version of these life drawings and paintings

14 thoughts on “2017 APRIL TERM”

  1. Just got to say that your site etc is v good…………and the work shown too………….I attend a life class in Newport (local ed auth) , its rather pricey so your idea about 2.50 per session is the way to go ……………have you any contacts who can do the same over here? regards mike

    • Will Stevens said:

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment and apologies for not responding earlier. I love it when people find the time to say nice things about the pictures here as it encourages me to keep posting them. Life drawing classes are getting expensive it’s true and I wish I could help but Newport’s a little too far really. I tried a post on this blog a year ago speculatively suggesting that I might run a class in Bath on a similar basis (£50 for ten sessions) to this if the response was good enough but unfortunately although I had a few replies there weren’t really enough of them so I guess it’s just Bristol for me for the time being. If there is a life drawing class near you though it is worth trying to support even if it is a little pricey. I bet it won’t be as expensive as one I saw advertised in Central London recently….£25 per session! Anyway, good luck and I hope you find somewhere.

  2. The class in Clifton especially is a bit of a Bristol institution. I’ll never forget the first time I attended and being thrilled by the buzz of the place. I felt like I was in Montmartre c1890.

    The sessions are also excellent value which means that a lot of people turn up and you get to meet all different sorts of artists and non-artists. It’s very social (between drawing) and a model I met at the class is now one of my best mates. Recommended.

  3. Not much of a one for posting comments on anything – but felt compelled to write and make sure that everyone knows what a great class this is. Its really well run and good value for money – you have a choice of model and choice of how long you want to draw the pose for – 5 mins, 15 mins or 1 hour per pose. Also great seeing this many people are interested in life drawing and being able to chat to different people every week in the breaks. Its also amazing seeing the range of work that is produced – some stunningly good artists around (although sadly not me!). I would really recommend the class.

  4. Rob Elliott said:

    Looking forward to attending my first group later this month, life drawing is something I’ve wanted to try for along time, can’t wait!

  5. Joanne Clanford said:

    I have just looked at this site and am really impressed by the whle feel of it and the attitudes of those posting and of course of Will. I used to be a model at Queens Road and to anyone thinking of giving life drawing a go I am sure you will gain a huge amount from these sessions – goood luck!

    • Will Stevens said:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Joanne. Your comment has brought an enormous smile to my face. Have a good weekend!

  6. I didn’t get a chance to say ‘thank you’ to you last night, Will. My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed the life drawing session. I feel invigorated and am itching for next week’s. I just wish I had found out about it sooner! So inspiring and what great, professional models. Thanks!

  7. fashion2easy said:


  8. christine Saville said:

    Sad there will be no life drawing sessions through the long break. But will deserves a rest so does Imogenxc

  9. Hi Will looking forward to the new term of life drawing in 2013. I’ve recommended your life class to a few people lately (not too many I want room for me!)

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